Saturday, July 05, 2008


Once in a while life throws you a curve ball....
  • A few years ago I dated a UC Berkeley graduate. I met him and his brother at a pizza joint in Berkeley for lunch. On my way in, a homeless guy stopped me right outside the restaurant and asked for money. I didn't have any change but said I would give him some on my way out. So as we finished our meals, I started rummaging through my wallet for change. My then boyfriend asked me why, and I told him about the homeless guy.

    "Don't give him money," he said, "he's only going to use it to buy beer or drugs."

    "How do YOU know? You can't automatically assume that," I argued.

    His brother stepped in and said - "How about you get him a slice of pizza instead?"

    I thought it was a good idea and proceeded to the counter to get a slice of pepperoni pizza - when my boyfriend stopped me and said - "get the vegetarian instead." "Why? Everyone loves pepperoni!" "No, trust me on this. Just get the vegetarian."

    I did, and we walked out - to find the same homeless guy still right at the door. I handed him the slice wrapped in foil. But he took a step back and said - "It's not pepperoni, is it? I'm a vegetarian."

  • My friend Mark went on a 10-day vacation in Egypt last March. He booked it through a travel agency, who promised stays at 5-star hotels. When he returned, he told me that yes, they stayed at 5-star hotels alright, but hotels in Egypt are on a 10-star scale! :D

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