Friday, July 27, 2007

Mix and Match

After an eight-hour delay at PHL (not to mention the 13-hour total flight time), I finally checked into my hotel in Brussels by 10 PM.

I so don't feel ready for this vacation. Been popping Tylenol because of a backache. Then my Canon camera decided to give me an error message and refused to take pictures before coming to its senses. Oh yeah AND I had to spend 20 minutes talking to my brokerage firm over the phone to clear up confusions regarding a wire transfer.

My first meal in Brussels ended up being Japanese. Japanese, in the heart of Europe! Why oh why? Well, I'm exhausted. Room service stopped serving. And the Japanese restaurant is literally right next door, AND the ONLY restaurant on this block. So there I was, slurping a steaming hotel bowl of soba, and thinking to myself I could have been right at home in San Francisco, if it weren't because of the smaller portion and the much steeper price (€9 for what I could easily get for $7 at home).

Adding to the "global" experience? They were playing the song My Girl in the background. : ) it reminded me of the time I spent in Sydney last year.... How I had stumbled across an Irish pub where a live band played Hotel California and California Girls. Our music rocks.

Belgian Hotel: €59

Japanese Dinner: €12

American Music (while you're far from home?): Priceless


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Bill said...

Enjoy! And post lots of pictures for those of us stuck back home ... if the camera cooperates that is :)