Saturday, January 16, 2010

Miserable & Hopeful

Why is it that what's good for you doesn't always feel good? Sigh. Detoxing and learning to crave good things. Feeling miserable and hopeful at the same time.


Mary said...

Hey Kristen, stopped by to see what you are up to. Your trip to Norway must have been awesome! Would love to be friends on Facebook but I don't know your last name. You can look for me (Mary Gerard) by using my email Right now my profile picture is the Caroline in the City actress. :-)

Mary said...

PS--I see you've been getting spam on your comments as well.

Richard said...

Hey Kristen,

Nice to see you are still going with your blog even after your treatment has ended. Most blogs I see just seem to fade away. Looking back over your posts I can see you were in for a rough ride, but I’m also sure you’re loving the results. It is blogs like this that can help others to take the brave step to go ahead with their own treatment so well done. Though, I doubt you will ever starting craving ‘good things’.

I was hoping you would add a link to the to your blog as I think the dental information this site holds would be of great use to those who still come to read about your treatment.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Guide is the leading provider of cosmetic dental information online in the UK and the most visited in the world, and includes a forum as well as an expert answers section, so if you have any questions then feel free!

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Once again, well done on the blog and make sure not to let it fade away!