Friday, February 22, 2008

A Shout Out to Susan

Susan, you have the same orthodontist AND surgeon? Whoa, small world. Leave (another) comment and let me know however I can help out! :)

I live in San Francisco. Don't wanna post my number or email address here for obvious reasons, but you can IM me on Yahoo Messenger at "kristenchat" so we can connect.

One word that will hopefully help put your mind at ease: Dr. Li will send your insurance company a request for authorization. It's his standard procedure. No need for you to lift a finger.

In my case, it was considered Class III Skeletal Deformity. Medical reason enough for any insurance company. The trick is, some of them state explicitly that medical reasons or not, they simply don't cover jaw surgeries, period. That you gotta figure out directly with them. Best of luck!


Susan said...

Yeah, Dr. Quo and Dr. Li... I have a feeling they are the ones to go to in this area -- Dr. Li said he does this surgery about 1X per week! I'd love to talk to you about your experience with them and how you got your insurance to cover some of it (like me, your case doesn't seem severe).

Are you on the Peninsula? I live in Palo Alto (4 blocks from Dr. Quo's office, actually). If you are around here, I'd love to talk on the phone, or meet up and chat!

Susan said...

Thanks for responding and for your great info, Kristen. I have yet to launch the Yahoo messenger with success, but I think it might be because everything is different on Mac....I'm going to keep trying, so maybe we'll chat soon!

Thanks again.