Monday, February 06, 2006

Questions For Dr. Stacey Quo

This is it! I'm going in tomorrow to get my spankin' new braces on. So of course, I've been fretting over the whole ordeal.... and I have composed a list of TWENTY-FOUR questions for my orthodontist to hopefully cover all my bases.
  1. Will my upper teeth be tipped in as in slanting inward?
  2. How much would my upper teeth be OVER my lower teeth?
  3. How much "shorter" would my face be?
  4. Is there a possibility I would be ready for surgery before the full 12-months?
  5. Can we set a surgery date now?
  6. Will I need to wear rubber bands?
  7. What did you mean when you said my teeth/bite would look worse right before surgery?
  8. Will I need headgear?
  9. Will any teeth need to be removed?
  10. Will the gaps between my lower teeth disappear?
  11. Will the treatment change my facial profile in any way besides a smaller jaw?
  12. Will the braces straighten my teeth besides improving my bite? Will the two teeth on the bottom that are turned sideways get straightened as a result?
  13. How often will I need to come to your office for adjustments? Once a month?
  14. What is the total cost? How is the cost broken down? What's the payment plan?
  15. How much pain and discomfort will I be in?
  16. Before we begin, would you review my treatment plan with me?
  17. I have very sensitive gums right now. What precautions should I take? Any suggestions?
  18. How will the braces affect my speech?
  19. How frequently and when will Dr. Li get involved?
  20. Will the popping/clicking of my jaw joints go away?
  21. Is there anyway to preview my new profile?
  22. Will red wine stain my braces?
  23. Will I have extra skin hanging off my jaw??
  24. How long will I need to wear the retainer for?

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